International Blacksmith Day, 23 May 2009!

Hello friends

This is a follow up to the success of International Blacksmith Day last year. This year we do invite every Blacksmith to celebrate this special trade at a special day, Fourth Saturday of May!
It’s easy, you do not have to travel, no big work, just invite people to your shop. Place I sign with the Logo of International Blacksmith Day on the wall, nearest crossing or a flag. Just so people get to know the spirit of pounding hot steel!

Join this day and feel the force when craftspeople all over the world get together and make a difference!

It’s easy to sign the Event list and download logos from the website where we started this calibration three years ago! More countries do join us every year!

International Blacksmith Day, 23 May 2009!


Link to Event list

Link to Logo Downloads

Link to corresponding group at Facebook

Read about last year’s call for this event at Facebook

Best wishes and let there be hammering sounds all over.

Johan Sangberg ”admin”

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